Hypixel Skyblock Auto Enchanter

No more carpal tunnel…

Auto Enchanter is a crafting bot for Hypixel Skyblock. It automatically buys and enchants a specified number of stacks for the given item. It does not directly modify Minecraft, the way a mod does. Instead, it’s designed to click like a human, so that it’s completely undetectable by the server. Download the JAR, and double click to run, but read instructions below first.

System Requirements:

  • Java 1.8 or later, must be 64-bit.

In-game requirements before you click the ‘Start’ button are:

  • You must have your inventory opened to the full 9-block crafting screen.
  • You must put one stack of the item to enchant in the inventory slot directly to the left of the menu star (bottom right corner).
  • You must face, and be within reach of, the merchant that sells the item. The closer you can get, the better, so that nothing can block the bot from clicking on him. It’s recommended that you stand inside of the merchant, if possible.
  • You must set your GUI scale to Normal.
  • You must have the default Minecraft texture pack active.

It’s also suggested that you:

  • Use this in a Mini server, rather than a Mega, as there’s a lower chance of a player blocking your view of the merchant, which will terminate the app.
  • Take the game out of full screen mode, so that you can more easily run this app while keeping the game window visible.


  • Shift + x: Terminates the app.
  • Shift + p: Alternately pauses and unpauses the app.


  • Enchanted Stacks to Make: The number of enchanted stacks you’d like the app to make.
  • Stacks Per Enchant: Usually 5 for most items, but set it to 6 for String, and 9 for Wheat/Hay.
  • Match Similarity: This is a number that should usually range from 0.9 to 0.99, although it can be set lower if necessary. This number affects the app’s ability to find the item that is being enchanted on the screen. A higher number requiring a more exact match when comparing individual pixels, while a lower number allows more flexibility for slight inconsistencies in the game’s rendering. It’s recommended that you start at the 0.95 default, and then adjust it as needed. Go lower if you’re getting a “Pattern not Found in Region” error, or if the app is seemingly missing items that it should be clicking on. Go higher if the app is clicking on the wrong items in the merchant, chest, or inventory screens.
  • Item Source: This tells the app whether to buy the items to enchant from a merchant, or to pull the items to enchant from a chest on your island. If using the ‘Chest’ option, be sure to stand with your cursor on the chest, as if it was a merchant.


  • For wheat/hay bales, the enchanter will work, but can’t keep track of stacks. Just set stacks to a very high number, and stop it when you have enough.
  • The mushroom inventory texture is too small for this bot to recognize. If you want to enchant mushrooms, edit the default texture for mushroom stacks to literally anything unique that takes up a full inventory slot.